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**Please Note: The photo of our Baskets are not the exact representation of what you are ordering. Each of our Baskets are custom made depending on what is in season at the farmstands. This is what makes are Baskets unique. Rest assured they are always beautiful and receive wondeful reactions when delivered.


Thanksgiving celebrates the last of the Harvest on the East End of Long Island. The bounty is beautiful and plentiful. We are fortunate to source all the ingredients for a Thanksgiving feast on the East End. Our baskets are filled with local bounty and everything you need for your celebration, from flowers to the Turkey and everything in between!

Thanksgiving Basket

  • Please note that all our baskets are seasonal and the ingredients vary from week to week depending on what is available at  our local farmstands. The picture gives and accurate idea but some of the items may be changed due to availability. Rest assured all our baskets are always beautiful.

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